Amble’s Ramble

This is the LATEST information on the coming weekend outbreak of both snow and Arctic air. The Model blend still suggests an 11:00 AM arrival of the first snowflakes. Keep in mind you may spot a few flurries prior to the beginning of the snow storm. After the last of the flakes fall a total accumulation of 1″ to 3″ still looks reasonable with an outside chance that a few areas could pick up 4″. The wind will also be a huge factor in your outdoor plans as it gusts to 30 MPH throughout the day. Temperatures will fall into the single digits by the end of the afternoon hours with bitter cold wind chills Saturday evening that will be in the -10 to -15 degree range.

Sunday will begin with sunshine and a VERY BITTER feel to the air as the coldest morning since January 18th arrives. Wind chills Sunday will stay below 0 until about 2 PM when single digit above zero wind chills take over. Keep in mind the wind will be very light on Sunday, that’s how cold the air will be. 12 will be the high Sunday which is almost 30 degrees below normal! Sorry, I have to say it. HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!  Gary


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