Amble’s Ramble

This week will see most of our snow disappear as mild weather settles in. The weekend will offer even more changes as a storm system crosses the Midwest. This storm will actually benefit those who enjoy warm weather in Winter as a strong south southeasterly wind draws in air that will be much warmer than the normal upper 30s at this time of year. It will also bring rain on Christmas Day.

Rainfall amounts will be quite healthy by December standards with most areas expecting between 1/2″ and a full inch of rain. If that indeed happens a new record for rain on Christmas Day will go in the record books. The heaviest rain on December 25th is a mere 0.28″ set in 1957. That is a very weak record and one that really needs to be replaced and after almost 60 years it looks likely that it will happen.

The Chiefs also play on Sunday evening and it looks likely that rain will be falling at tailgate time with a few rumbles of thunder possible as well. The threat for rain will taper off to 40% during the game but I think wise fans will have rain protection. The good news is temperatures will be much more bearable with game time temperatures in the 50s.

The other benefit from this rain will be cleaning the streets. Our salt covered road ways will get a nice washing if the rain comes in its expected quantity this weekend.



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