Teachman’s Take: Winter Takes Aim

Skies will be mostly cloudy today and unusually warm.  Winds will be breezy with a slight chance of an isolated sprinkle or shower east of the state line this afternoon.
After an usually warm day near 60 this afternoon, significantly colder air moves in overnight. While patchy areas of freezing drizzle are possible before dawn on Thursday, our attention focuses on a major winter storm for the weekend.
You’ll notice, a WINTER STORM WATCH has been posted to our south, including the cities of Nevada and Warsaw. This is where the freezing rain and sleet will begin first on Friday.
After the Friday PM commute, this freezing rain will shift north. Temps will be in the 20s, so I expect there to be major travel problems heading into Saturday morning.
Remember this: 32 degrees. A one degree shift above or below this number will have a huge impact on what we get. Overnight temps over the weekend are in the 20s with highs in the lower 30s. This is why from Friday night through Monday, we are calling for periods of freezing rain, sleet and just rain.
This storm could lead to power outages due to continuing accumulation on trees and power lines.
This storm will evolve and continue to come more into focus within the next 24 hours. Be sure to stay with KCTV5 News for further weather updates.   – Teach

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