Teachman’s Take: Ice Storm Warning

An Ice Storm Warning goes into effect at 9 AM today and stays in effect until Sunday night (midnight).  


We’ve been keeping an eye on southern Missouri where a nasty ice storm is happening right now along the I-44 corridor.  There have even been numerous lightning strikes reported!  Whenever that happens during a winter event, you can count on the accumulations to skyrocket.  


The best places for freezing rain (and maybe some sleet) to develop will be to the south of I-70 today.  The freezing rain will be moving from the southwest to the northeast.  Below, you’ll see the areas most likely to be affected through the lunch hour.  The intensity of this freezing rain might not be as heavy as depicted here, but it gives you an idea of where things are starting.  



It appears that the Missouri side, southeast of Kansas City will be the zone to watch for most of this freezing rain through late afternoon (Butler to Clinton To Sedalia).  The KC metro may see spotty areas of freezing drizzle/rain after the lunch hour, but again the concentration is to our south/southeast.  


Patchy areas of light freezing rain/drizzle will continue (metro included) this evening and into Saturday morning.  Any ice amounts should be less than a tenth of an inch for the metro.  Heavier amounts southeast (think 50 HWY).  


Saturday and Beyond:   Saturday morning still appears pretty quiet.  While a spotty area of freezing drizzle is possible, looks like we’ll have a lull until the evening.  


After dark, that’s when our attention shifts to areas south of I-70 once again.


Freezing rain will pick up and SLOWLY spread northward. This steady, light to moderate freezing rain approaches the metro around/just after 5 AM Sunday.  


From 5 AM Sunday through Sunday afternoon, our window for the heaviest freezing rain is set to occur.  Today, I’m not seeing it as persistent as previous model runs.  If this continues, then it will lessen our ice accumulations.  There is also the wildcard of where that freezing line is and how quickly it advances north.  


By 4 PM, you can see the freezing line advancing north and the threat for freezing rain starts to shift into northern Kansas and northern Missouri.  


Total ice accumulations are in the neighborhood of a tenth of an inch to three quarters.  The highest ice accumulation will be the farther south of I-70 where up to 1″ is possible.  

Then into Monday, with another wave of rain set to arrive, it will be all liquid and warm enough at the surface to keep us wet and not icy.  The heaviest of that rain will appear by Monday afternoon and finally taper by early Tuesday morning.        

Take care,



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