Teachman’s Take: From Freezing Fog to Unseasonably Warm Temps

DENSE FOG ADVISORY in effect until 9 AM — and this fog has been freezing on contact with the roads this morning, especially bridges and overpasses.  There have been numerous accidents due to this patchy thick freezing fog.


Check out how it completely blanketed downtown Kansas City around sunrise!


Temps are still hovering below freezing in the upper 20s.  With winds kicking up right now from the southwest, this will push our temps above freezing by 9 AM.  Temps will continue to warm through the afternoon into the middle 50s.  Clouds will increase late in the day.


A few showers are possible early Thursday morning.  Temps will be above freezing, so we shouldn’t have to worry about any freezing rain.  Highs will stay in the middle 50s for the rest of the work week.  It gets even better on Friday under a partly cloudy sky in the upper 50s.  Saturday will show a lot of clouds, but also unseasonably warm temperatures in the lower 60s.  Showers move in during the day on Sunday and temps will dip into the 40s.  We’ll stay in the forties early next week with more rain Monday and Tuesday.


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