Amble’s Ramble

The wind is now slowly turning to the south as the evening sky remains mostly clear. The next few hours will contain the last of the really cold air as temperatures hover just under freezing until about Midnight. evening

The wind will pick up overnight giving way to a slow but steady temperature rise which will push the mercury to near 40 degrees when the sun hits the horizon Friday morning. At that time the wind will be gusting to over 20 MPH which will just be the beginning of a windy but very warm day.trend-graphwind-1

Wintertime highs in the 60s is still a pretty rare event. Even in a mild Winter like this one it’s not all that common. The last time temperatures soared to this height was about 4 weeks ago and just like this coming warm up, it came on the heels of a pretty hard cold snap.


When it comes to comfort you may pick Saturday over Friday. Skies will offer less blue over the weekend but temperatures on Saturday will still work into the middle 60s. And it’s not just the warm weather that will have everyone smiling on Saturday. That warmth will come with only a light breeze. Make your plans now to enjoy some fresh air this weekend!


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