Amble’s Ramble

No question about it this has been a VERY mild Winter. Our lack of snow and short lived cold snaps has made this Winter season an easy one to deal with.

Let’s take a look at the three Winter months. December had one day where the mercury climbed to 60 degrees or higher followed by January where it happened twice. Last weekend the high temperature reached the upper 60s in Kansas City which also lasted only 2 days. That gives us a grand total of 5 days this Winter where we had highs of 60 or more. That certainly is a nice stat in terms of Mild air considering many Winters it doesn’t happen at all! But if you look ahead the next 8 days will all be over 60 degrees with at least two capable of topping 70.long-warm-up

Speaking of 70 degree days it has been a long time since that has happened ( officially ) in Kansas City. Last weekend many people reported the afternoon air warming into the 70s but the official reading still reads 69 degrees. That is going to change either on Thursday where the forecast currently reads 69 or Friday where we should safely top 70. This will be our first 70 degree reading in 2017 and the first one since the middle of last November. The 17th to be exact. That’s over 90 days ago.


Snow has also been a struggle this Winter with only a few little snows. In fact if we go the remainder of February without snow it will be Kansas City’s first snow free February since 1892.

No Snow.jpg

Right now there is no snow in the forecast for the next 10 days!  There will be a shot of cold air by the end of NEXT week which will be cold enough to make snow but with the lack of an adequate moisture supply that chance appears slim.






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