Amble’s Ramble

The next week will be one that people talk about for years to come. I’m sure the heat wave of February 2017 will be remembered for a long long time. A typical February is gloomy and cold with only small teases of mild weather which are typically squashed by shots of cold air. A more typical warm up at this time of year would mean highs in the fifties, melting snow but only lasting a couple days before Canada sends another reminder that Winter still has some punch left in it. To me, that’s normal.

This next warm up will be much stronger and last 4 times as long. Here is a look at how warm the next five days will be:


Not bad right? Now let’s take a look at the record high for each day which will be the number directly above the forecast high each day:


Even though there’s no slam dunk record heat this week each day will be close enough to put us all on alert.

Dry weather is also beginning to be a problem. Blustery winds combined with warm afternoons and low humidity levels has last years growth running about as tinder dry as anything you’d find in the desert. Just a small spark can ignite this old dead grass that’s in abundant supply across the area. Winds gusting to over 15 MPH during the afternoon hours will have the¬†potential to spread flames in an out of control manner so pay close attention to where you extinguish your cigarettes and keep a constant eye on BBQ grills. A Red Flag warning is in effect until 6 PM Thursday afternoon but there is a High Fire Danger Threat for our area through the weekend.




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