Amble’s Ramble

Sometimes I wonder, “Why am I here?” Please, I’m not getting deep in thought. I’m just wondering why I’m sitting in a stuffy office with Ronelle on an afternoon that could be the most comfortable February day in Kansas City history!


BTW those are Ronelle’s donuts behind my Nalgene bottle …I was hoping to distract him long enough to grab the glazed one.

This afternoon could be a record setter. The sky is sunny and at 2:00 PM the temperature has officially reached 72 degrees which means the February 27th record of 74 is certainly achievable. If the record is tied or broken it may not be the only one to fall this month. Here’s a look ahead to the forecast high temperatures and the record for each day over the coming days:


There is no sure bet for another to fall but each day has us on alert. I sincerely hope you find a little time to enjoy this gift from Mother Nature. I certainly can’t remember a February with warmth like this lasting this long. Enjoy!


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