Teachman’s Take: Another Wintry Day

Cloudy and cold with a hard freeze happening right now!  Temps are in the 20s with light winds from the northeast at 5 to 10 MPH.  That light wind is enough to give us wind chills in the teens.

This morning, a band of snow has lined up along the state line.

This band won’t make much progress farther east than the state line through the lunch hour.  Little to no accumulation is expected.  If a dusting does develop from one of these showers, it will be on grassy surfaces.

All snow should fade well before 2 PM.  Temps will stay below freezing through early afternoon.  With the stronger sun angle, roads will be wet.  Highs this afternoon are expected to climb into the middle 30s.

We’ll finally see some sunshine through the clouds on Wednesday.  This gives us a bit of a boost to the lower 40s.  Late Thursday and into early Friday, rain showers are possible.  These will be light and now the timing wants to move them out before Friday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade that kicks off at 11 AM.  Temps will climb to near 60 both Thursday and Friday.  Over the weekend, sunshine’s back and temperatures will be pleasant in the lower 60s.  Next week, clouds and showers return for Monday as highs stay mild in the middle 60s.
Take care,

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