Amble’s Ramble

For those heading out this evening to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day my friendly advise is, “Grab A Jacket”. Temperatures will fall off quickly after the sun sets sending temperatures into the upper 40s after 10:00 PM. Overnight the low falls into the middle 30s making for a cool, crisp start to your weekend.


Saturday will be mild with highs returning to the 60s thanks to a mostly sunny sky thwarting a weak northerly breeze. Sunday will be windy but much warmer. Expect highs in the 70s but anyone venturing outdoors to enjoy that Springtime feel will be greeted with winds out of the south gusting to 30 MPH or more.
 Next Day.jpg
Rain will soon go from needed to “Gotta have it” status over the next several days as our Moderate drought so far this season intensifies. Late next week a system will work onto the plains bringing a chance for a nice soaking rain that will help bring Springtime life back to our area.
One Week
Forgotten in all of this is the beginning of Spring which is this Monday!

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