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Amble’s Ramble
April 7, 2017

There should be a balance between work and play. This weekend will offer that balance with nice weather to get some chores attended to at home followed by nice weather to enjoy some personal time outside. The wind will be strong both Saturday and Sunday so factor that into your plans. If you’re planning a picnic with thin table cloths and a heaping bowl of potato chips you can expect a little aggravation as the table cloth catches the breeze like a sail and chips are spread all over the Park.

When you’re on the road be aware that Bikes will be everywhere. Look twice before turning onto a road or highway and take that extra glance before you change lanes. Bikers please ride safe, stay out of drivers blind spots and watch the occasional high wind gusts which can have your bike switching lanes in a hurry.
If your work schedule includes mowing the grass there will be limited days over the next seven to get that done. Either weekend day looks good along with Tuesday and Wednesday. I would also include Monday but in my house that day is reserved for BASEBALL!  Have a great weekend everyone.

Teachman’s Take: Let The Warm Up Begin!
April 7, 2017

A beauty of a day is in store!  By lunch, winds will change direction and temps will respond favorably!  Highs this afternoon will be in the upper 60s under mostly sunny skies.

Over the weekend, one day will make you happy.  The other might make you mad because you may have to rearrange outdoor evening plans due to storms.

Saturday still looks superb with a stronger wind from the southwest.  Highs will be in the upper 70s!  Make those plans to do some yard work or just take a long walk.

Clouds increase for Sunday with temps once again in the upper 70s.  As we get closer to evening, a cold front will approach from the west.

Strong storms are possible between 5 PM Sunday and midnight:

Our entire viewing area is under a SLIGHT RISK.

Initially, there will be a lid on the atmosphere that will suppress thunderstorm development.  Once it lifts, any storm that forms could produce large hail and damaging winds.  I’m not seeing a huge tornado threat on this right now.

Skies will clear by Monday and it looks like the cold front will also do the same for our region.  That’s great news as sunshine returns for opening day at the “K”.  First pitch still calls for temps in the upper 60s.  Next week will feel like spring with highs in the 60s and 70s.  Unsettled skies return late Wednesday through Friday.  Showers & thunderstorms are likely during this time frame.

Take care,