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Amble’s Ramble
May 30, 2017

Every once in a while there comes a lazy stretch of days. With warm days ahead and rain chances nearly every day from now through Saturday some chores can be placed on the back burner for a while. I really enjoy growing tomatoes but they do require some effort. Over the years I have discovered a few tricks that can save considerable time, the primary one is covering the garden with landscape fabric to impede weed growth.  

T 1

 This is a look at my two ( actually 3 but the top one is full of decorative bushes ) tiered garden which is planted as a salsa garden this year. Various varieties of peppers along with six tomato plants. Most are doing well but I do have a green pepper that appears to be stressed. I don’t know why. 

 G 1

With the weed problem solved all I really need to do is water the plants regularly. Now that Mother Nature has taken over that chore this week I can just settle back and relax …or perhaps take that time to figure out why this pepper is not doing so well. 

P 2

Happy Gardening everyone.


Suchan Says: Couple Showers or Storm
May 30, 2017

They’re back….   showers and thunderstorms have found their way back into our forecast after a couple nice dry days.   Now that said, we still get big breaks of warm sunshine today as well.

I’ll keep the chance of rain at 40% for scattered showers or thunderstorms.  The atmosphere may become marginally supportive of a severe storm this afternoon with some hail and brief wind gusts.  As I see it, pea to quarter size hail will be possible and wind gusts of 45 – 60mph in any strong storm in our area.

All showers or storms in the area should move out by 8pm with pleasant weather into sunset.




Also, I had to tweak Wednesday’s forecast to allow for a risk of showers or a thunderstorm (30%).  The dry push of air I had hoped for to move in looks weaker resulting in a corridor of moisture over our area that could support the 30% chance.

Annnnnnnnnnd, I have to keep a daily diet of thunderstorms in the forecast Thursday, Friday and especially Saturday before significant drying this upcoming Sunday.  Hang in there!

Chris Suchan
KCTV5 Meteorologist

Amble’s Ramble
May 29, 2017

What a fabulous finish to the Memorial Day weekend. Sunshine will fill the skies followed by clear skies overnight providing no problems for travelers. For those of you hanging around this evening the air will begin to cool at sunset with temperatures falling into the upper 60s by 9:00 PM. Grab a light jacket if you plan to stretch out this holiday weekend through the last second.


Tuesday will start out quiet but cool. With temperatures in the middle 50s you will certainly need a jacket early in the day. Clouds will increase through the morning leading to scattered showers and thunderstorms from Noon through about 6 PM. A few of these storms could produce gusty winds and small hail. Here’s a look at the timing of the storms crossing the area:




You can see how quickly these showers will move through during the afternoon hours as the rain completely clears the area before the sun sets on the day. Temperatures will remain mild with highs working to near normal for this time of year.

Next Day

Have a great day everyone!

Suchan Says: Beautiful Memorial Day
May 29, 2017

As advertised, Saturday was the one bumpy day of weather we had to get through then we could sit back, relax and enjoy some fine weather to round out this Memorial Day weekend.

Yesterday hit a high of 80 and I expect to do that again this afternoon.  Breezes will be from the northwest around 10 – 16mph if heading to one of our area lakes.   If grilling out this evening or heading to the Royals’ game against Detroit, upper 70s will start the evening then fall into the lower 70s after sunset.

Back to work Tuesday also brings back the chance of some showers or thunderstorms.  A closer look at forecast charts for the afternoon to early evening Tuesday shows some wind shear present and enough instability to develop a few stronger storms capable of hail and wind gusts.   At this time, we have a “marginal” outlook in our region.  I suspect this outlook will expand deeper into the viewing area and there’s an outside chance of seeing an upgrade to “slight” risk per my review.  We’ll see how the SPC wants to handle tomorrow.  But I assure you, we will NOT see 4″+ hail again like we did Saturday in parts of the area!!


Storm Prediction Center’s severe weather outlook Tuesday


Forecast Track with showers or thunderstorms moving through tomorrow

Chris Suchan
KCTV5 Meteorologist


Amble’s Ramble
May 26, 2017

Saturday is shaping up to be a very rough day especially in the afternoon. Overnight a few thunderstorms over western Kansas will work across the state and end up near the Missouri – Kansas state line by sunrise.


This little thunderstorm is not part of the severe threat and will actually help to stabilize the atmosphere through the morning. But clearing skies in the morning and early afternoon will make the atmosphere very unstable again as storms begin to fire up during the early afternoon hours.


With high potential energy and strong speed and directional sheer these storms will explode during the middle of the afternoon producing severe weather of all forms by the late afternoon hours.


This is a look at the threats you will face on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Severe Threat

Strong winds up to 70 MPH and hail the size of tennis balls are possible. Isolated tornadoes are not out of the question either so we will be in FULL severe mode tomorrow. If you have any doubts on Saturday about what the weather is doing just tune to KCTV5 for updates throughout the afternoon. The best news I have for you is that when the storms fire up and blow through it’s not going to be a lengthy event with skies clearing back out by 10 PM.


The rest of your Memorial Day weekend looks GREAT. Enjoy it!

Williams’s Wrap: Feeling/Looking More Like May
May 25, 2017


Skies have cleared and that means we’ve got plenty of sunshine on the way for Thursday. Mostly sunny skies and a light south wind will help the area warm into the mid 70s. There’s a slim chance of a shower overnight and early Friday morning. Most of the start to the holiday weekend looks pretty dry though. It’ll be warmer too with highs in the low 80s and a cloud/sun mix.


Saturday holds our best chance for some rain and thunderstorms. Some storms could be strong/severe. Something to keep in mind for those who will be traveling or spending time outside.


Ronelle Williams
Meteorologist (CBM) | KCTV5 News
4500 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Fairway, KS 66205
T: 913-677-7235

Suchan Says: Warmer Days Ahead
May 24, 2017

66 today!  Yet another day well below normal in May.  If keeping score, you’ll notice we had many days warmer than today’s 66 going all the way back to February!


The large upper low that has kept us cool and brought rain showers to the area will gradually slide to the east allowing for warmer temperatures to push in.  It will start to feel much more like late May in Kansas City.



Temperatures will push back into the 70s and even lower 80s into Memorial Day weekend but the core of the hottest temperatures will remain just to our south if you’re hoping for 85 to 90 degree weather.

Chris Suchan
KCTV meteorologist

Teachman’s Take: Wednesday’s Spotty Shower Chance
May 24, 2017

Mostly to partly cloudy today.  While a sprinkle cannot be ruled out this morning, there will be a better chance for a spotty shower or a random rumble this afternoon.  By lunch, we’ll see more showers start to blossom.  They will hug the state line and points East.

A brief heavy downpour and some lightning are possible.  By sunset, any rain will disappear.

Temps this afternoon will stay cool for May in the middle 60s as winds are gusty from the north.

We have a wonderful day on tap for Thursday.  Plenty of sunshine and warming temperatures to the middle 60s.  There’s a slight chance for a shower or storm on Friday with highs in the lower 80s.  Over the weekend, the dampest day will be Saturday.  It won’t be raining all the time, but folks will have to plan around showers & thunderstorms.  Any rain leftover on Sunday will be in the morning.  Temps will be in the middle 70s.   And I can’t rule out a shower on Monday, but the majority of our area will stay dry.  Highs for Memorial Day will are in the middle 70s.  Sunshine prevails next Tuesday and Wednesday with continued warmth near 80.

Take care,


Teachman’s Take: Damp At Times Tuesday
May 23, 2017

There will be a small batch of showers working across the area that won’t be too heavy this morning.

Some sunshine will break free from the clouds as early as the lunch hour.  From noon through sundown, spotty showers & thunderstorms will form again.


They will be scattered throughout our area.  Wouldn’t be surprised if a few of these showers produces some lightning and small hail.  Temps stay below the norm in the middle 60s this afternoon.

Showers will favor the Missouri side on Wednesday with the Kansas side staying mostly dry.  Temps will stay on the cool side in the lower 60s.  Sunshine dominates Thursday with highs in the middle 70s.  Friday and Saturday look stormy at times — not a washout either day.  And while a few leftover showers & storms are possible early Sunday, this day is my pick for the best of the weekend as sunshine returns.  Highs from Friday through the weekend will be in the middle to upper 70s.  Next Monday, some storms develop late in the day with highs in the lower 70s.

Take care,


Teachman’s Take: More Rainy Days Planned
May 22, 2017

Showers will be on the increase through the lunch hour today.  

There will also be a few thunderstorms in the mix, mainly for this afternoon. 

This activity will be widespread or scattered in nature.  A good portion of our viewing area will be picking up rain today.  

I can’t rule out one of these storms having some small hail or brief gusty winds in the stronger storms this afternoon.  There is a Marginal Risk for severe storms northwest of I-35 this afternoon.  

Otherwise, it will be a cloudy and mild day.  Temps this morning will be in the lower 50s.  Due to southwesterly winds, temps will warm into the upper 60s this afternoon. 

Scattered showers & thunderstorms will continue into Tuesday.  None will be severe.  And there will still be a chance for showers on Wednesday.  Highs remain on the cool side in the lower to middle 60s.  

Rainfall amounts look light during the Monday through Wednesday window:

We’ll get a break from the rain on Thursday as temps rebound into the middle 70s.  Unsettled skies return Friday through Sunday.  It won’t be storming all the time, but something to keep an eye on as different waves of rainy weather will travel across our area.  Temps during this time will be in the upper 70s.  Memorial Day looks warm and partly cloudy in the middle 70s.  

Take care,