Teachman’s Take: More Rainy Days Planned

Showers will be on the increase through the lunch hour today.  

There will also be a few thunderstorms in the mix, mainly for this afternoon. 

This activity will be widespread or scattered in nature.  A good portion of our viewing area will be picking up rain today.  

I can’t rule out one of these storms having some small hail or brief gusty winds in the stronger storms this afternoon.  There is a Marginal Risk for severe storms northwest of I-35 this afternoon.  

Otherwise, it will be a cloudy and mild day.  Temps this morning will be in the lower 50s.  Due to southwesterly winds, temps will warm into the upper 60s this afternoon. 

Scattered showers & thunderstorms will continue into Tuesday.  None will be severe.  And there will still be a chance for showers on Wednesday.  Highs remain on the cool side in the lower to middle 60s.  

Rainfall amounts look light during the Monday through Wednesday window:

We’ll get a break from the rain on Thursday as temps rebound into the middle 70s.  Unsettled skies return Friday through Sunday.  It won’t be storming all the time, but something to keep an eye on as different waves of rainy weather will travel across our area.  Temps during this time will be in the upper 70s.  Memorial Day looks warm and partly cloudy in the middle 70s.  

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