Amble’s Ramble

Saturday is shaping up to be a very rough day especially in the afternoon. Overnight a few thunderstorms over western Kansas will work across the state and end up near the Missouri – Kansas state line by sunrise.


This little thunderstorm is not part of the severe threat and will actually help to stabilize the atmosphere through the morning. But clearing skies in the morning and early afternoon will make the atmosphere very unstable again as storms begin to fire up during the early afternoon hours.


With high potential energy and strong speed and directional sheer these storms will explode during the middle of the afternoon producing severe weather of all forms by the late afternoon hours.


This is a look at the threats you will face on Saturday afternoon and evening.

Severe Threat

Strong winds up to 70 MPH and hail the size of tennis balls are possible. Isolated tornadoes are not out of the question either so we will be in FULL severe mode tomorrow. If you have any doubts on Saturday about what the weather is doing just tune to KCTV5 for updates throughout the afternoon. The best news I have for you is that when the storms fire up and blow through it’s not going to be a lengthy event with skies clearing back out by 10 PM.


The rest of your Memorial Day weekend looks GREAT. Enjoy it!


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