Suchan Says: Couple Showers or Storm

They’re back….   showers and thunderstorms have found their way back into our forecast after a couple nice dry days.   Now that said, we still get big breaks of warm sunshine today as well.

I’ll keep the chance of rain at 40% for scattered showers or thunderstorms.  The atmosphere may become marginally supportive of a severe storm this afternoon with some hail and brief wind gusts.  As I see it, pea to quarter size hail will be possible and wind gusts of 45 – 60mph in any strong storm in our area.

All showers or storms in the area should move out by 8pm with pleasant weather into sunset.




Also, I had to tweak Wednesday’s forecast to allow for a risk of showers or a thunderstorm (30%).  The dry push of air I had hoped for to move in looks weaker resulting in a corridor of moisture over our area that could support the 30% chance.

Annnnnnnnnnd, I have to keep a daily diet of thunderstorms in the forecast Thursday, Friday and especially Saturday before significant drying this upcoming Sunday.  Hang in there!

Chris Suchan
KCTV5 Meteorologist


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