Amble’s Ramble

A few days ago it looked like a can’t miss storm would arrive late Thursday into Friday morning. This cold front would be a solid line of thunderstorms carrying at least 1/2″ of rain into our area. That front will still push through:

Cindy 0

I’m sure you have heard of the Tropical Storm in the Gulf that is about to make landfall late Thursday night. Tropical Storm Cindy will work inland through the day Thursday impacting our area. This is where that storm will be late Thursday:

Cindy 3

So far so good but the Tropical Storm will impact our area in a way you might not expect. Tropical Storm Cindy will actually diminish our rain chances by stealing the cold front dynamics away from us. Here’s how. The southerly winds we have had here lately have brought moisture in from the Gulf of Mexico ready to feed the coming cold front. When the south winds hit the coming northerly winds pushing the front down from the north the collision will create the storms along the front. However, because winds blow into Tropical Storms ( or any form of Low Pressure ) the coming Tropical Storm will prematurely turn our winds to the north stealing the surface dynamics away from the approaching front:

Cindy 2

The front will not have anything to “plow” into so any rain that forma along that front will be weak and spotty at best.

Cindy 5

My hopes for free water on my lawn and garden just vanished because of a Tropical Storm! Funny how nature works.


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