Amble’s Ramble

Almost everyone is focused on Tropical Storm Cindy which is rapidly turning into a general area of low pressure which we call a mid latitude cyclone. The track of this decaying storm is well south of our area, heading east, missing us by a substantial margin. 


Our focus really needs to be in the opposite direction where a cold front is located right now. This front is on the march and will bring a very significant change to our area in time for the weekend. Initially you will feel the effects from the front with scattered showers and a few rumbles of thunder overnight. A few of the storms could bring brief heavy rains to a lucky few but most areas will see less than a quarter inch thanks to that decaying Tropical system sapping some of the strength from this line of showers.

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Once the storms clear our area which will be before most alarm clocks go off on Friday a new air mass will be in place complete with a late September feel. Unseasonably cool air will push in thanks to a brisk northwest wind through the day Friday followed by even cooler air over the weekend. In fact you might think about digging your light jacket out of the closet for the morning and late evening hours beginning Friday evening. Don’t pack it away you will need it again each day though Monday. Have a great weekend everyone.

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