Amble’s Ramble

Strong to severe storms will mainly impact areas of northern Missouri this evening through the overnight hours and by northern Missouri I mean areas so far north you’d swear you were in Iowa. Damaging winds and large hail will be the primary threats. I certainly don’t want to down play those storms but a much greater risk for damaging storms which will impact many more people will happen on Thursday.

Here is a look at the area of concern on Thursday:


Strong thunderstorms will fire up northwest of Kansas City late Thursday afternoon then work our way through the evening arriving just before sunset. Here’s a look at when the strongest storms will impact the greatest population:


When the storms reach this point in the evening the greatest threat for severe weather will come in the form of strong damaging winds and large hail. This is a look at those severe chances:

Severe Risk

Obviously with strong storms come the opportunity for area lawns and gardens to soak up some much needed rain and there should be plenty of that. Check out how much rain the most current model suggests we will get:


More than 2″ will put our area right back on pace for a near normal June in terms of total rainfall. Right now we are more than 1.5″ in deficit. With more rain chances early next week it might be possible to leave the garden hose hanging on the hook for the next week to ten days.


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