Amble’s Ramble

Fall colors will soon show themselves but we are still more than a week away in the Metro area. If you want to check out the colorful foliage this weekend you will have to travel. First of all here’s the forecast for color change this weekend:


You can easily see that the best opportunity for reds and yellows will be over northern Missouri. Even though a few of our trees will begin to show signs of Autumn the colors will stay mostly green unless you road trip north. Check out the best areas to see the first of the Fall change:

Fall 1

Everyone has their favorite roads to roam the countryside but if you are looking for a route I’ve constructed a path that will put you in the best position to see at least some color change:

Fall 2

The other hindrance will be the weather. Of the two weekend days Sunday will certainly be the best option with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. Even though Sunday will be the cooler of the two the sunshine reflecting off the trees should allow you to snap a few nice pictures either in your mind or on your camera especially along Hwy. 136 across northern Missouri. If you can wait the following weekend will offer near peak colors across most of our area.


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