Brett’s Blog (Heat Advisory Through Thursday)

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Well we knew it wouldn’t last.  Warmer air is back and will stick around through the 4th of July!  It won’t be as hot as last week but the heat will still pose a danger!  There is a “Heat Advisory” in effect from Noon until 7PM, Today, Tomorrow & Thursday.  This one covers most of Missouri and Kansas.

Watches and Warnings_3.png

The reason for the “Heat Advisory”? Once again for a few hours during the afternoon, the combination of heat and humidity will produce a heat index at or above 100-degrees.

Feels Like Graph_Temperature_Trend Next 14 Hours.png

All this heat and humidity means the atmosphere will be unstable in the afternoon and in a few spots a thunderstorm or two could develop.

Surface 1.png

Of course, any rain that falls, will evaporate back into the atmosphere and add to the mugginess of the afternoon.  Let’s call this a mini heatwave because a cold front arrives Thursday afternoon and by Friday afternoon, an area of cool high pressure behind the front will begin to settle over Missouri and Kansas. This looks to bring us a pleasant, first weekend of July.

7-Day Forecast AM.png

Remember to drink lots of water over the holiday.  Stay safe and have a Happy Independence Day!


Brett’s Blog (Hotter Days Ahead?)

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This welcome break from 90-degree heat won’t last long.  Forecast highs on Tuesday take us back into the low 90s. We shouldn’t be surprised. Hotter than average Summer days are becoming more of the norm lately.  So says Climate Central. Climate Central is an independent organization of leading scientists and journalists  who conduct scientific research on climate change.  Here is what they found.

 “Hot summer temperatures are getting more and more of a boost, as the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases is adding more heat to the atmosphere. In a stable climate, the number of days above and below normal should balance out during the 92 days of meteorological summer, at about 46 each. But the number of summer days above normal has been trending upward in most of the country, with 92 percent of the 244 cities in our analysis seeing more summer days above normal than a half-century ago.”

For instance, check out St. Louis!  This Summer St. Louis expects to see about 20 more, warmer than average Summer days, than it did in the 1970s.


Similar statistics were found for Topeka, Kansas.


But not every city in Missouri and Kansas has seen a rapid and marked increase in hotter days.  In Kansas City, the number of Summer days with above temperatures has been fairly steady since the 1970s and in Jefferson City the number has actually fallen if only by a couple of days.

2018SummerDaysAboveNormal_jeffersoncity_en_title_lg (1)

Why is this important to you?  The Climate Central data concludes “Hot Summer days, are often associated with air stagnation, and can increase the risk of health-related illnesses, like heat stroke and respiratory disease. Hotter than average days also cost money. A 2015 report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration indicated that American households spend more on air conditioning than any other part of their annual electricity budget.”

Any break from intense heat is a good break, so let’s enjoy it while it’s here!



Brett’s Blog (A Hot Start to Summer)

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What a crazy day for the last day of June.  At one point this afternoon it was 73 with thunderstorms at KCI while at the very same time, just a few miles west in Lawrence, Kansas it was sunny and 99.  June, 2018 will be remembered as the month we skipped Spring and went right to the Dog Days of Summer. Or at least it felt like it.  Here is the June Summary.

June Summary

It was a month our daily high temperature averaged near 90 and our morning low average was just shy of 70-degrees. That’s what we do in July.  And it was also a dry month. It only rained on 10 out of the 30 days in June and at K.C.I it never rained more than an inch at one time, all month.  When you get right down to it, June saved it’s hottest for last.  The final three days of the month also happen to be the three hottest days so far in 2018.


Here’s another dubious stat for June 2018.  During the month, we hit 90 or hotter 14 times.  In May we topped the 90-degree mark 7 times.  We haven’t even made it to average hottest time of the year and already we’ve been above 90, twenty-one times.


Oh that doesn’t bode well for July. The weather pattern already resembles mid-summer and it’s dry as a bone.  When it’s dry like this in Kansas City, it can get really hot and stay hot for days (See July 2012).  Let’s hope it’s not a repeat.  Happy July !!!!!

Brett’s Blog (Saturday Night Storms Bring Heat Relief)

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Grin and bear it one more day. Saturday will be a scorcher with highs right back into the mid and upper 90s and a heat index that will top 105 for at least 3 hours Saturday afternoon.  The map below just screams, H-O-T!

Storm Set Up.png

On top of the heat, throw in a heaping helping of humidity that stretches from Kansas City clear up to nearly the Canadian border.

Storm Set Up 2

You’ll sweat just swatting flies Saturday. All that juice, all that heat. That adds up to a powder keg just waiting for a spark.  Look at all the energy available for thunderstorms Saturday evening.

Storm Set Up 3

That’s up there in the very high category.  With all that potential for thunderstorms, the Storm Prediction Center has a large part of northwest Missouri and northeast Kansas in a Slight Risk for thunderstorms.

Storm Set Up 4

Just a slight risk?  What gives? Why not higher?  1) That’s not a very strong cold front. 2) The winds aloft aren’t strong enough to create lift and twisting and 3) The thunderstorms in northern Iowa may not get to Missouri until midnight or later.  So you add it up and we’ve got a slight risk.  Still there’s a chance for a humdinger of a storm with 60mile per hour winds or better and some hail the size of quarters.  Might be worth it to get some much needed rain.

Storm Set Up 5.png

And it will bring at least one day of relief. One day where our highs aren’t in the mid or upper 90s.  That should make you grin, right? As for heat, you’ll just have to bear it.

Brett’s Blog (Dangerous Heat Through Saturday)

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This is a classic heat wave producing weather pattern.  A strong area of high pressure extending several thousand feet up into the atmosphere producing a dome of heat that stretches across much of the continental United States.

850mb_Pattern 2.png

The most intense heat, with highs in the 100s, will be found from central Nebraska all the way into southern New Mexico and the panhandle of Texas.  This pattern has prompted an Excessive Heat Warning for Kansas City and surrounding counties.

Watches and Warnings_2

This heat wave producing pattern has also prompted an even larger area of “Heat Advisories” across the central U.S.

Watches and Warnings_3

These “Heat Warnings & Advisories” are in effect through Saturday evening.  Thursday, Friday & Saturday the Heat Index, or what it feels like with temperature and humidity combined, will make it dangerous to be outside for long periods of time each afternoon.

Feels Like Graph_Temperature_Trend Next 14 Hours

So, bottom-line, slow down, drinks lots of water, take frequent breaks and wait for Sunday when the intense Summer heat will break for a couple of days.



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The enhanced risk area has now been expanded closer to KC and covers all our viewing area along and south of I-70.

Damaging winds over 60mph, large hail, and flooding rain will be possible.

Stay connected with us at KCTV5 News Kansas City today.

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Amble’s Ramble

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The weekend is almost here and the weather is about to change. You will not notice much Saturday morning as the day begins with mostly cloudy skies as temperatures remain well below normal in the lower 60s. The wind during the day Saturday will turn to the southeast and skies will break up enough to send temperatures back into the 80s. Here’s a look at how the day warms up across all three zones:

Zone N

The northern zone will be the coolest with highs barely reaching the 80s. There will be a 20% chance for an isolated shower but the odds of you breaking out an umbrella remains slim. Still, if you plan to be outdoors for an extended period of time it would probably be wise to have an umbrella close by.

Zone C

The central zone will be mild as highs climb into the lower eighties. A very light southeast breeze will coast in so if you have plans to spend a little time on the water the conditions should be great. Keep in mind the morning will be cool so sleeping in before you head to your favorite lake wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Zone S

The southern zone may be a degree or two warmer but the day will be similar to the first two zones. Any activities planned outside should be great. The second half of the weekend will be much warmer. The heat index Sunday could work into the middle 90s so brace yourself for a hot day. Here’s a look ahead to the weekend with a few options if you haven’t already made plans:


It’s the first weekend of the summer season. Enjoy it!

Amble’s Ramble

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Summer thunderstorms can be funny. The radar can be lit up everyday with storms and still some areas can be completely ignored. Here’s a look ahead to our rain chances over the next 24 hours:


The heaviest rain will stay well east of our area this evening with only slight chances for showers in our area. I’m calling this a 20% chance for the Metro this evening.


Thursday will offer a better chance for showers especially during the middle of the day. Strong or severe storms are not expected on Thursday and temperatures will run well below normal for this time of year. It is also the first day of the Summer season but it certainly will not feel like it with highs in the lower 70s.


Rainfall for the rest of the week will be on the light side but keep in mind that only one heavy raining thunderstorms could mean the difference between a quarter inch of rain and well over an inch.


Right now it appears there will be just enough rain over the next couple days to keep the dust settled.

Williams’s Wrap: On/Off Showers & Storms

June 19, 2018 - Leave a Response

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Tuesday will be the start to an active pattern where the area will see waves of showers and storms through the rest of the week. North Missouri will have a better rain chance through much of the morning and chances for the Metro will go up as midday and the afternoon approach.

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Scattered storms will be possible all the way into the evening. We’ll need to watch for heavy rain, strong gusts, and hail.

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Temperatures should get to around 90 by Noon before falling during the afternoon. The chance of showers and storms will carry into Wednesday morning and afternoon, causing temperatures to continue to take a tumble.

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Ronelle Williams
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Williams’s Wrap: Heat Relief Coming

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Monday will look and feel a lot like the weekend. Warm and muggy in the morning and then hot and humid in the afternoon. Highs reach the low to middle 90s with a southerly breeze and mostly to partly sunny skies. There’s a small chance for a storm in far NW MO but the area will be mainly dry.

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Rain and storm chances will be on the increase Tuesday. Starting in the morning and especially during the afternoon. Severe risk is low but there could be a stronger storm with strong gusts and hail. The cool down begins Tuesday as highs drop to around the middle 80s. We’ll continue to cool down through the work week with more rain chances.

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Ronelle Williams
Meteorologist (CBM) | KCTV5 News
4500 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
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