Brett’s Blog (Soggy Sunday)

It rained Sunday across much of Kansas and Missouri. And just in the nick of time.  On Thursday, the latest “Drought Monitor” took parts of Missouri and Kansas to the highest category of drought.  Here’s the graphic that shows areas now considered to be in  “Exceptional Drought”.


Because the drought in Missouri continues to get worse, the Governor is getting involved. Governor Mike Parson says he’s going to meet with the Heads of Missouri’s Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Conservation.  It’s all an effort to combat the impact of the drought in Missouri.  Both Kansas and Missouri got good news on Sunday when widespread rain fell over much of both states.  Here’s a sampling of rainfall measurements from across the area.

DMA Rainfall Today


Those numbers come from automated weather stations and cooperative weather observers but we also heard from many on Facebook and Twitter.  Here are some other totals passed along to the StormTrack 5 Weather-team on social media.

Viewer Reports via Social Media

Despite more than an inch of rain in many places, we need more rain. The slow moving storm that brought these downpours will bring more rain on Monday.  Not a lot but at this point every little bit will help.

Midwest Forecast Track Rain Accumulation

Let’s hope it rains again on Monday.  We need it.  The next chance of rain is showing up for Friday.  But the next storm doesn’t look well organized which means it could be another case of rain for some, increasing drought for others. Let’s hope not.







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