Teachman’s Take: Last Cold One For A While

March 22, 2017 - Leave a Response

This morning will be the coldest out of the next week.  Temps are bottoming out in the 30s.  We’ve had a little light snow tracking in northern Missouri.

This should slide east/southeast and fade by 11 AM.

Clouds will dominate today and any breaks of sunshine will allow our temperature to warm back into the middle 50s this afternoon.  Winds will be breezy as they switch to the southeast, gusting to 20.

A stray shower or thunderstorm is possible just as the AM commute starts on Thursday.

These will move out rather quickly during the morning.

Temperatures will surge back to the upper 60s in the afternoon.

Beneficial rains are on the way for late in the day on Friday.  Our chances for severe storms looks low at this point.  However, rainfall amounts from a half inch to an inch are likely.

Temps will be warm in the lower 70s Friday.  Heading into Saturday, showers will linger through the morning and taper during the afternoon.  Highs over the weekend will be in the middle to upper 60s.  It will be a decent weekend once the rain departs and sunshine returns heading into Sunday.  There’s another good shot for rain next Monday with skies clearing out Tuesday and Wednesday.  Temps next week look mild in the 60s.

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Teachman’s Take: A Big Cool Down Today

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Clouds will dominate this morning with temperatures falling back into the upper 40s and lower 50s.

There’s a slim chance for a shower in 2 different areas today — both of which will avoid the core of the 435 Loop.  One area will be north of 36 Highway.  Another area will be south of a Paola to Warrensburg to Sedalia line.  These will be relatively brief and won’t affect travel significantly.  Winds will be a much bigger issue for all of us.  They will be sustained from 15 to 20 MPH and gust to 30.  We may see a few slivers of sunshine this afternoon with the clouds breaking up more toward evening.

Temps will drop a little more for Wednesday in the lower 50s.  There’s a slight chance for a shower during the day.  But, a better chance after midnight going into Thursday morning.  There could even be a random rumble.  These showers will move out early in the day.  Warmer winds will prevail Thursday giving us temps in the 60s.

By Friday, we’re back into the 70s.  Storms look likely late Friday afternoon and into the evening.  Leftover showers will stick around Saturday morning with skies clearing by afternoon.  Temps will be mild over the weekend in the 60s.  Sunday will be quiet with a mixture of sun and clouds.  Another strong storm system is timed for Monday that will give us showers and thunderstorms along with highs near 70.

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Teachman’s Take: Spring Starts Like Summer

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Spring has officially sprung!  And it’s a mild start.  Temps first step out the door will be in the middle 60s.

There will be a mixture of sun and clouds all day.  Even with winds switching to the northeast at 5 to 15 MPH, we will still have temps close to a new record.  The high this afternoon will be 80.  The old record to beat is 82 from 1953.

Temperatures take a dip on Tuesday with scattered showers.  And these showers could happen any time from morning through the afternoon.  Highs will be in the middle 50s.  Slight chance for a few sprinkles on Wednesday as we stay near normal in the middle 50s.  Stronger winds take over on Thursday bumping our high back into the 60s.  There’s a shot for showers early in the day.
Friday there’s a chance for storms.  Looks like the main severe threat will be down in parts of Oklahoma, Arkansas, NE Texas and Louisiana.  Some storms in our neck of the woods could be a little stronger.  Highs for Friday will be in the middle 70s.  The back side of this system will produce showers early on Saturday.  We’ll clear out by afternoon.  Temps will be near normal in the middle 50s.  Another mild day is in store for Sunday with a slight bump to the lower 60s.  It will be mostly sunny and beautiful on Sunday!
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Amble’s Ramble

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For those heading out this evening to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day my friendly advise is, “Grab A Jacket”. Temperatures will fall off quickly after the sun sets sending temperatures into the upper 40s after 10:00 PM. Overnight the low falls into the middle 30s making for a cool, crisp start to your weekend.


Saturday will be mild with highs returning to the 60s thanks to a mostly sunny sky thwarting a weak northerly breeze. Sunday will be windy but much warmer. Expect highs in the 70s but anyone venturing outdoors to enjoy that Springtime feel will be greeted with winds out of the south gusting to 30 MPH or more.
 Next Day.jpg
Rain will soon go from needed to “Gotta have it” status over the next several days as our Moderate drought so far this season intensifies. Late next week a system will work onto the plains bringing a chance for a nice soaking rain that will help bring Springtime life back to our area.
One Week
Forgotten in all of this is the beginning of Spring which is this Monday!

Teachman’s Take: St. Patrick’s Day Stellar Forecast

March 17, 2017 - Leave a Response

St. Patrick’s Day starts dreary and ends stellar!  Cloudy with early sprinkles or a spotty shower until 9 AM.   MOST PLACES WILL STAY DRY!

We’ll start off much milder this morning in the 50s.  By the time the parade kicks off, any hints of rain will be history and skies will start to break up.  We’ll see partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies this afternoon.  Highs will be in the upper 60s and some will touch the 70s.  Winds will switch directions from the north and be a bit breezy at 10 to 15 MPH.

A wonderful weekend is ahead!  Plenty of Saturday sunshine is expected with highs in the middle 60s.  We’re well into the 70s for Sunday as a few more clouds will be in the mix.  While there’s a slight chance for a passing shower on Monday, it looks like most of our area will be on the drier side of things.  The Missouri side may see a shower, but the Kansas side looks dry.  Still a slim rain risk for Tuesday as temps fall from Monday’s high of 65 to the upper 50s Tuesday.  Models are still trending on a decent storm system for the Plains Thursday and Friday.  This will bring us showers and thunderstorms.  Highs will rebound into the 60s.

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Teachman’s Take: The Day Is FINALLY Here!

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The day we’ve been waiting for all week is FINALLY here — get ready for a warm up!

Today expect more clouds than sunshine.  The breeze will start to pick up this morning and become quite gusty this afternoon.  Temperatures are on the rise this morning as well.  At dawn, temperatures were just as warm as yesterday’s high temperature!  By lunch we’re looking at the lower 50s.  And we’ll keep climbing to 62 this afternoon.  Winds will be from the south at 10 to 20, gusting to 25.

Areas of drizzle and light rain showers will develop, mainly after midnight.

These will pass through our area early on St. Patrick’s Day.

Once they clear out, temperatures will spike to near 70 in the afternoon!  Over the weekend, expect a mix of sun and clouds.  Definitely looking like more clouds on Sunday.  Highs Saturday will be mild in the middle 60s.  Then we’ll jump to the 70s by Sunday.  There’s a chance for showers on Monday.  Highs remain near 60.

Right now there looks like a good chance for showers and thunderstorms by next Thursday.

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Teachman’s Take: Last Frigid Day Before Another Warm Up

March 15, 2017 - Leave a Response

We’re starting off the day in the deep freeze.  Hopefully, you had a chance to witness an incredible sunrise today.

Wind chills are definitely a downer in the upper single digits and lower teens.  We’re under a Freeze Warning until noon.

By this time, Temperatures will be in the middle 30s.  There will be a lot of sunshine this morning, but it will be quickly taken over by cloud cover this afternoon.  Winds will be light from the southeast at 5 to 10 MPH.

The warm up begins Thursday!  Highs are back in the 60s.  It will be partly to mostly cloudy and there could be some areas of drizzle or light showers after midnight.  Any shower for St. Patrick’s Day will be early in the morning.

Honestly, right now it doesn’t look like it’s coming together for us to see much in the way of moisture.  But, we’ll take what we can get.


Highs for Friday will be delightful in the middle 60s.  More warmth over the weekend with sunny to partly cloudy skies.  Highs will jump from 63 on Saturday to 71 by Sunday!  Next week, temperatures remain in the 60s and 70s Monday and Tuesday.

There’s a strong storm system models are picking up on by next Wednesday.  Wouldn’t be surprised to get some thunderstorms out of this.

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Teachman’s Take: Another Wintry Day

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Cloudy and cold with a hard freeze happening right now!  Temps are in the 20s with light winds from the northeast at 5 to 10 MPH.  That light wind is enough to give us wind chills in the teens.

This morning, a band of snow has lined up along the state line.

This band won’t make much progress farther east than the state line through the lunch hour.  Little to no accumulation is expected.  If a dusting does develop from one of these showers, it will be on grassy surfaces.

All snow should fade well before 2 PM.  Temps will stay below freezing through early afternoon.  With the stronger sun angle, roads will be wet.  Highs this afternoon are expected to climb into the middle 30s.

We’ll finally see some sunshine through the clouds on Wednesday.  This gives us a bit of a boost to the lower 40s.  Late Thursday and into early Friday, rain showers are possible.  These will be light and now the timing wants to move them out before Friday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade that kicks off at 11 AM.  Temps will climb to near 60 both Thursday and Friday.  Over the weekend, sunshine’s back and temperatures will be pleasant in the lower 60s.  Next week, clouds and showers return for Monday as highs stay mild in the middle 60s.
Take care,

Teachman’s Take: Winter’s Extended Stay

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Winds will intensify this morning making it difficult for drivers.  Winds will easily gust above 30 MPH.  Clouds will dominate today.  Flurries & light snow are likely this AM in northern MO.

Between 10 & 11 AM, flurries and light snow will push into the metro.

They will linger through the lunch hour.  And finally early this afternoon, this snow will become a wintry mix as it moves away from our area.

Highs today will be cold in the 30s, but feel more like the lower 20s with the winds factored into the equation.

It’s going to be a drab week.  I’m not seeing much sunshine at all until the weekend.  There are weak systems that will provide at least some moisture each day — not much, however.  Tuesday we could see an area of light snow late in the morning and into the afternoon.  Little to no accumulation is expected.

Highs remain cold in the 30s.  There’s a chance for flurries on Wednesday and sprinkles for Thursday.  Highs will jump from the 30s on Wednesday to the 50s by Thursday.  St. Patrick’s Day won’t be dry with a 30% chance for rain showers.  It doesn’t look that heavy and at least temperatures continue to climb to near 60.  Over the weekend, skies will clear out and temps keep going up!  Highs on Saturday will be in the middle 60s.  And we’re back into the 70s next Sunday.

Take care,


Williams’s Wrap: More Wintry Weather?

March 12, 2017 - Leave a Response


More clouds have moved in Sunday and they’re not going anywhere. Temperatures are slow to warm but we’ll end the day above freezing with highs around the mid 40s. Another storm system, taking a similar path as Saturday’s, will move in later in the day and bring a chance of rain. Showers will be light and spotty through the evening.

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Temperatures will fall to around freezing during the overnight. This will cause some snowflakes or sleet pellets to mix with any rain in the area. Any leftover mix should be on it’s way out before the Monday morning commute. But drivers will still need to take it slow and be aware that there could be some slick spots out there. Especially on bridges and overpasses. Clouds hang around Monday with highs remaining cool in the low 40s.


A couple more quick moving disturbances will bring the chance of a few flurries Tuesday and another mix Wednesday.

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